Our Methodology

Our Methodology

At Generalcodes we think that It is important to align and set the product strategy and create roadmaps with the way we build and deliver our products and services. We use a sort of Agile approach so that our teams can respond to changing priorities and requirements of the client during the development lifecycle and can deliver actual product or service to the client. Our methodology is not rigid; it is flexible with the nature of the project. But there are some fundamentals which we follow in every project.

    After getting Project Approval from the client we follow our client and project friendly methodology. Some of the fundamental rules of our project methodology are as follows

1.Defining the Project Goals

Defining project goals is the first step which is followed in every project. Here we mainly focus on customer centric goals which can help us know the real requirements of the projects and actual needs of the culient.

As we get to know the real requirements of the project, we collect all the ideas and methods which can help us throughout the project development.

After the collection of resources and ideas a radman for the project is built, which helps us understand the actual amount of time and resources needed for the project.

In the next step we categories some features as the key features which are needed to regularly reprioritize to respond to changing needs of business and client.

After a clear understanding of the requirements and needs of the business a Prototype of the project is created. The Prototype helps us understand the final product better.

After all the required research, prototyping and brainstorming the real work starts. All the primary testing, initial updates and quality control work start in this phase.

This is the stage in which the product is tested and a real feel of user and admin created. In this stage the software is assessed for any bugs ( If any). This testing time can vary and it generally depends on the type of the project and on the number of improvements required.

After a successful Testing Phase the project is delivered to client for use. This phase is also considered as a testing phase for a few weeks. In this phase real users can give suggestions.

Maintenance and upgrading of the project comes in this stage. If a project needs any modification or upgrading that comes under this stage. Updating the version of the application also comes under this.

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