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We believe that for a better and long term relationship with our clients, it is very important to provide all possible engagement models. Generalcodes offers three types of business models which can solve all types of customer requirements. Our business models ensure responsibility and flexibility and at the same time they are made considering all needs, wants and interests of our clients.

Fixed Price Model

At Generalcodes this type of engagement model is used when a client comes for a specific or pre determined project or for those projects which are commonly used in the market. This engagement model is also called the risk free model because in this type of model all the resources and outcomes are fixed. The clients with smaller projects or predetermined and fixed features projects can choose this engagement model.

Time Based Model

A client with a customized and dynamic project requirement can choose this engagement model. This engagement model is for the projects in which the required amount of time and resources can not be defined. In this type of model the cost of a project generally depends on the amount of time spent. This model offers unlimited flexibility and modification to follow the core idea and trends of the market. This model is also used if the client wants to upgrade or modify the pre existing project. This Model works for every size of work.

Team Hiring Model

This type of engagement model is needed when the work needs very long term engagement of resources. Generally projects which are supposed to run for a longer period of time and need a dedicated team, are suggested to choose this engagement model. In this clients have a full control on the team. In this model a team of highly qualified professionals are provided to the client on the basis of their requirement. The Whole task is managed by the dedicated virtual team.

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